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AVID Pro Tools S3

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Pro Tools S3 Control Surface Studio
Part Number: PROTOOLSS3
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Pro Tools S3

Control Surface Studio

Manufacturer: Avid

S3 is a compact, EUCON-enabled, ergonomic desktop control surface that offers a streamlined yet versatile mixing solution for the modern sound engineer. Like S6, S3 delivers intelligent control over every aspect of Pro Tools and other DAWs, but at a more affordable price. While its small form factor makes it ideal for space-confined or on-the-go music and post mixing, it packs enormous power and accelerated mixing efficiency for faster turnarounds, making it the perfect fit everywhere, from project studios to the largest, most demanding facilities.

EUCON-enabled applications* Mackie Control/HUI-enabled applications
  • Ableton Live
  • Cockos REAPER
  • Propellerhead Reason

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