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Steinberg UR824 Rackmount USB Audio Interface

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Steinberg UR824 Rackmount USB Audio Interface

Providing the perfect choice for individual musicians and producers, the rackmountable UR824 interface with premium D-Pre mic preamps captures the artist's performance and plays back production masterpieces in pristine sound quality. Ultra-fast USB 2.0 connectivity to Macs and PCs plus the range of analog and digital I/O offer the flexibility to work with the included streamlined version of Cubase, other Cubase versions or really any DAW of choice. The DSPpowered mixer based on dspMixFx technology rounds out the feature list, allowing for latency-free monitoring with onboard effects. One instance of the REV-X reverb and eight instances of the Sweet Spot Morphing Channel Strip are also included as native VST 3 plug-ins, turning the UR824 into the all-in-one solution.

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