A compressor is used to compress a sound's dynamic range. That is, to make the louder and quieter parts of the sound's performance closer to each other in level.
  • Warm Audio WA-2A Warm Audio WA-2A

    Warm Audio WA-2A

    WA-2A Opto Compressor'2A Style Optical CompressorNo plug-in or other compressor type quite compares to the warm, forgiving, fluid qualities of the classic '2A optical compressor. For decades, the renowned '2A style circuit has become the go-to device for...

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  • Warm Audio BUS-COMP Warm Audio BUS-COMP

    Warm Audio BUS-COMP

    BUS-COMP2 Channel VCA Bus CompressorThe Warm Audio BUS-COMP is an all-analog, 2 channel, stereo VCA compressor based on classic circuitry that has provided silky smooth tone for decades. Stereo VCA compressors are masterful at controlling dynamics on...

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