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iConnectivity mioXM

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USB to MIDI Interface for Mac or PC

Ethernet connectivity has been the powerful secret behind iConnectivity's industry-standard range of MIDI interfaces and is relied upon in the studios and upon the stages of the world's leading acts. mioXM and mioXL are the most powerful and full-featured MIDI interfaces iConnectivity has ever released, yet are still accessible in terms of usability and affordability. Using the mioXM and mioXL, you can connect multiple computers via expandable virtual network ports. They feature a USB computer port supporting Mac & Windows connectivity – you can connect iOS devices via WiFi or wired ethernet connections. Just plug and play – there are no drivers required thanks to class compliant connectivity. mioXM and mioXL also include iConnectivity's Auracle 2.0™ configuration software (downloadable for Mac & Windows), making it simple to create and save filtering/routing/merging presets.

Features of the mioXM include:

• 4 in x 4 out 5-pin DIN-MIDI ports

• 4x USB-MIDI Host ports support multiple USB-MIDI Class Compliant devices

• Ethernet RTP-MIDI Network port – 12 virtual network ports can easily be assigned to onboard Din and USB ports as well as any other connected computing devices

• Capacitive touch control panel

• Up to four user-definable presets can be stored and recalled from mioXM's control panel

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