• Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A

    Shure Beta 57A BETA Series Vocal MicrophoneThe Beta 57A is designed for use with amplified or acoustic instruments, plus vocals. Its flat, compact grille design gets the microphone cartridge close to...

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  • Shure Beta 58A

    Shure Beta 58A

    Shure Beta 58A BETA Series Vocal MicrophoneBeta and KSM Series handhelds are engineered to reproduce the fine details of lead and backing vocals. Beta models provide a warm, clear sound, while the...

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  • Shure MV88/A

    Shure MV88/A

    Shure MV88/ADigital Stereo Condenser Microphone.Mounted via Lightning, your iOS device now sports the mic with best-in-class stereo audio. The MV88 records video with crystal clear sound, gets that...

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  • Shure SM57-LC

    Shure SM57-LC

    SM57-LCSM Series Legendary Instrument MicrophoneThe SM57 is the most famous of instrument mics. It’s clean 40Hz-15kHz response has made it the mic of choice for generations. It’s a proven performer...

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  • Shure SM58-LC

    Shure SM58-LC

    SM58-LC Legendary Vocal MicrophoneThe SM58 is the first choice of performers around the world. A smooth bump between 2kHz and 7kHz and a crisp peak around 9.5kHz give this classic cardioid dynamic...

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